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February 13
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The knight and the Cardinal by LutherOMight The knight and the Cardinal by LutherOMight
*Full view PLZ*

 I hate this drawing it took too long and didn't come out as I hope it would :(

"History is important, gentlemen! If you can't learn from it... you're destined to repeat it."

Am I the only who thinks that this is a very important part to these two characters..and why isn't the fandom talking abut it ??

If you still wondering who the girl and dude are in the background are : Jaune Arc as Joan of Arc and Cardin Winchester as Cardinal Henry Beaufort
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Rikion Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
*Reads a bit about them and realizes what you are implying*
...Oh shit.
DarkKnightOfShadows Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Huh, yeah it should really be brought up more. Well, maybe it's a good thing it hasn't had more of an effect, after all we don't want another Arc to be burned at the stake.

...then again, there is always season 2... with the possibility for Cardin to accidentally out Jaune as a fake, leading him to be expelled in shame or possibly arrested (i.e. "burned"), when he didn't mean to (because historically Henry Beaufort was reported to have burst into tears when she was sentenced to be burned at her trial and fled the courthouse in shame of his participation)...

...yeah, now I'm thinking about it too. Congrats, your picture worked.
LutherOMight Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
" we don't want another Arc to be burned at the stake" that scares me in more ways then one, what if Jaune is the first Arc to be burned and what if the reference was made to the future instead of the past I am going "Nope, no, NOPEE" at this one

So yeas Cardin can burn him in more ways then one and exposing Jaune would make him 
vulnerable but it would also make him man-up and keep his own ground and there for he would rise from the fire and the ashes as a new man , I would like to see that in Jaune and if possible not let Pyrrha help him, because she has her own demons to fight this time.

I did not know that
 Henry Beaufort was reported to have burst into tears that is an important detail that I have missed and it brings me to this;

What if Jaune and Cardin do got past their difficulties and become best friends by the end of the forth year at Beacon , but after graduating they go their different paths , years later a great war breaks out and there is a side to be chosen , Jaune by a sting of miracle events becomes the leader of one side and Cardin and his family stand at the other , seeing not end to the conflict both side meet in order to try and find another way to avoid further bloodshed.

Naturally whit them knowing each other and being such good friends in the past Jaune and Carding didn't want to fight each other but there are greater things then both of them at work and eventually there are not given a choice , still Jaune refuses to see his people die and decides to fight alone and against the opposing side as the brave knight that he is and being the last Arc his death will bring an end to the conflict and there will be peace , Cardin was again this idea from the very start he tried to stop Jaune but Jaune was determent and was ready for what anything his divine destiny has in store for him,  eventually Cardin was forced to end his friends life himself on the battlefield , he knew that is what Jaune would have wanted him to do, and so the war ended. Cardin was reported to
 have burst into tears and the last Arc fell, not many people knew abut his friendship whit Jaune his own family never found out and Cardin was always a very stick and serious adult this was not like him at all. ( well fuck I just broke my own heart here ) 
DarkKnightOfShadows Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Dude, that's dark. That would be such a heartbreaking chain of events.

Yeah, say what you will about Cardin, but he pushed Jaune into becoming a better person, even if he didn't mean to . Hopefully Jaune will repay the favor and help Cardin do the same, and manage to help Pyrrha with her demons too, like she did for him.

Yes, Henry Beaufort developed a respect for Joan of Arc while he presided over her trial, and when she was burned at the stake, he had her ashes gathered and thrown into the Seine River, so "that the world might have no relic of her of whom the world was not worthy."

My prediction for a bad end between Jaune and Cardin would have things with the main plot escalating, and everyone becoming more and more paranoid due to all the infiltrators, and a giant manhunt being formed to clean house after the shit hits the fan, only for Cardin to accidentally let slip to the wrong person that Jaune faked his transcripts. Next thing you know, Jaune gets attacked by the soldiers he was fighting beside a few days ago and is dragged to prison in chains in front of all his friends, with rumors spreading about Jaune being an accomplice to Roman and Cinder, whose subordinates he's now sharing cell space with. It would probably end with Cardin being horrified, blaming himself for things going so wrong so fast, and Jaune having to face a trial for crimes he didn't commit. (Yeah, I really hope that that doesn't happen, even if that's been floating around in my head since the Proff told them those words...)
mobiusonedt Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice. I was wondering when someone would do art comparing their historical counterparts. 
LutherOMight Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They have very interesting backgrounds its even been referenced in the series and its not a small thing either , there is so much one can do whit this idea alone, I will probably end up doing more of these. 
eternalnature Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
cardin is going to bald
LutherOMight Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh god no! XD 
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